Colours are the juice of life. The colours manifest the aura. If you change the colours in your aura your personal radiation is changed instantly. Read more


Did you know that about 80% of all problems

in life, not just disease but also money or love

problems start in the energetic fields?  Read more


I  like to help insightful families,  inspiring alternative care professionsls and trusting empaths.with their constitutional strength and with their appearance in the world.  Read more


We are living in exciting times where we can be pioneers of a new existence. We only have to trust ourselves, trust our intuition and move consciously forward.

Through our focused and conscious awareness, we are able to create the exact circumstances we’d like to experience.

So don’t be afraid of the unknown, just be aware!

It is important to remember that the universe helps us with our personal development by presenting challenging situations through which we can learn and grow. As more of us bravely take up this responsibility and use the teachings before us, we pave the path for others to follow.  Of course, being a pioneer requires conviction and fortitude because the beneficial gain is so profound, that it will most certainly change your life and the life of generations to come. Read more…..